lundi 5 septembre 2011

Brother In Law’s Wife Meera

Hi friends and the fans of I am Raj from Punja , I am 32 years old. I read the stories in ISS and got motivated to write about my this encounter with my brother- in- laws (wife’s brother) wife, Meera. Meera is very fair and beautiful and has a figure of 38-26-38. I admired her figure always and used to fantasies about her and masturbate. She belongs to Lucknow. The incident took place in December 2005 . This is a true incident.

I had gone to Bombay to meet my sister in law and there my brother in laws wife meera had also come.I spent about a week at Bombay and as I was coming back to lucknow my sister in law requested me to take meera also along with me as it is not safe for a lone lady to travel in train such a long distance. redmore>>

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