lundi 5 septembre 2011

Night At Lakshdweep 4 Sep 2011

"I can clearly see outline of her bra and panty of Tamanna. She was getting hot and hotter then I was touching her everywghere. Then I caught her boobs and was pressing it very hard.she was moaning press hard baby then she removed my tshirt and was kissing my chest she was giving me love bytes. She was litterly btting my nipples then I removed her t shirt and she was in pink bra now. Her boobs are just awesome it was milky white with pink nipples.

Then she helped me remove her bra then I just could not control and I kissed her boobs so hard. I was sucking it licking it and I was pressing her nipples in one hand and biting her nipple. She was maoning like hell she said Kunal please do it more drink my milk give me love bites after that i kissed her navel which was very deep and sexy. I like taste of her nipples and navel as it was salty due to sea water then I turn her around and was carrassing her back her skin was very smooth it was like butter then I removed her skirt and seen pink satin panty.

She was looking damn sexy in satin panty she was very wet down there but I don’t know what happened to her suddenly but she started to remove my shorts and underwear and touch my dick which was very hard at that time she kept it in her hand for a second and then started to give me blowjob of my life she was sucking it like a lolipop."

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