lundi 5 septembre 2011

Modern Rich Housewife – Part I

When we married, we had sex regularly but now it’s just once a month routine. He cannot satisfy my physical needs anymore. Even that one time when we make love, both of us do not enjoy it anymore. We do it just to prove to each other that we are married. Well, so about five years back from now when I was 37, I decided to look out for sex. I was just interested in sex with no emotional involvements.

But it wasn’t easy. My first attention was to my husbands friends. But since most of them were married, I thought it was better to leave them out. I then diverted my attention to neighbors but again it was too dangerous lest my hubby comes to know. Some of my relatives like my jijus were handsome young men but then again I thought it was better not to target them.

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