lundi 5 septembre 2011

My Wife’s Friend Maya

Hi Friends, This is Mann. Since a long time I wanted to write stories about my some personal experiences. So here I am sharing one of my experiences. My name is Mann, and I am a married guy, with a beautiful wife. Though my wife is too beautiful, but I could not control on my emotions for other beautiful and hot girls around me. Currently I am in USA, but I am going to tell you the story, when I was in India.

It was just one year of my marriage, but I was not satisfied with my wife, as my sex life was not as good as it should be. I consider myself a very sexual person, and I had many physical relations before my marriage. But I was not happy with my sex life after the marriage. But then also I was trying to live happily with my wife, as it was a love marriage. But then after some times there was an entry of a girl in our lives.

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