lundi 5 septembre 2011

Reema – The Sassy Lady – Part I

Hi All, This is my first ever experience of writing on this site and I would genuinely wait for your responses. About me, well I am Aayush 25 years old, 6.1 ft tall, well built cute guy. I am working in a top America based MNC in Pune. Even though I lost my virginity at the age of 18, I always wanted to do it with the some married and matured lady and this dream came true almost a year ago.

I was quite new to Pune at that time, didn’t have many friends to hang out with and was feeling lonely kinda. The frustration of being lonely in the city was taking the better off me and I started loosing my interest in office work. It was then that I decided that I should hang out all alone and decided to hit a disc that night.

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