jeudi 2 juin 2011

Evening In The Bus With The Lady Police

Hi to all ISS readers, hope you are all fine! I’m from Chennai, came up with a story here then guys I need your suggestions to post my future writings.
This happened very recently when I was travelling in bus, one day I missed my cab in the office and my next cab is after two hours, so I thought to go home by bus, so from my office I walked to a nearby bus stop and was waiting there, thinking that it’s been so long that I went in bus and I was praying that that the bus which I should take should not be rush, even if I did not get seat it was ok, but I should get proper place to stand,
It was night around 7.30 something, and since its late I got into the bus which came and it was not that rush, so I took ticket and went towards the backside then I was standing there and suddenly on the next stop too many people got in, and many ladies came towards the backside a I was dam tried just standing by scolding all the people who got into bus in the next stop in my mind,
At the time my mind was totally concentrated to reach my house as soon as possible and to get into bed and sleep, after some time I noticed that a lady’s back is in front of my pants, and I did not mind it and did not give much important to it as I understood the situation of the bus, quit a long time that same back it was touching my pants, by this time I noticed that particular lady is slowly moving her butt towards left and right side on my pants, so I was looking what she was doing, then I found that she took her purse from her bag, so I did not mind it, just stood there as it was, She took ticket and still then her back is not moved away an inch from my pants, this time I started to notice what was exactly happening and
I just have a doubt whether she is tried or doing intentionally? So I just moved a little backwards in such a way that I got an inch gap between her back and my dick, and to my surprise after five to ten seconds, her back touched my dick again, so I thought ok let’s go ahead and check what might happen? And let me check to which extreme does it goes. Then I just moved a little
Forward and then that lady also moved backwards that is towards me am not sure that she is doing by intentionally or really because of the rush in the bus, and when I started to give a little pressure on her butt, then that lady she turned and looked at me, even am unable to look at her face very clearly, just had a glimpse of her face but noticed that she was very fair, but it was not possible to admire at her beauty,
So I started to admire the beauty of her back, I saw her hair she have tied it, then I saw her neck it has the sweat droplets, I really wished to touch it by my lips, am so tempered right that time, I was unable to control myself, so just went near her, close to her moved my nose very close to her neck, am not even bothered about the people in the bus, I got courage and smelled the sweat smell of her, and it was dam dam sexy, am sure that she could have got idea that what
I actually did, but she did not give any response, so I got some more extra courage,!
Since I smelled the sweat smell of her I am unable to control myself, then I felt like to kiss her, I never felt like that before and I was speaking to myself, it that “you? who never ever touched a stranger girl, and that too in the public bus, but I am terribly out of control,
I really wanted to kiss her neck and suck it like the honey bunch, while I was staring at her then I got an wonderful opportunity, the driver gave a sudden break, I moved my mouth close to her and gave a kiss, and stood like that for 3 to 4 seconds, I really do not want to move my lips away from her, but considering it was a public place I have to do it,
Then I slowly moved my eyes down and noticed that she was wearing a police dress then I got that she is a lady police, I got fear then and suddenly then I moved back, thinking what the hell I have did, and I thought today instead of going home I may go to jail and spend my night over there all the film scenes came in front of my eyes,
Really do not know what to do further then I did not move at all. I just stood there like a statue; I was really afraid what may happen then? She moved and kept her ass in between my cock, slowly she started to move her ass towards my cock, and I looked down but in the down its dark nobody knows what was happening, even I am unable to see her butt, but the back part of her face is visible because there is some light in the top of the bus.
Later then she came backward completely then rested her ass in-between my cock, still am afraid, this time she turned back and gave a smile am totally confused and paralyzed, am just thinking and can’t get the meaning of that smile, but on the other side I was totally out of control, so thought whatever happens “goanna move forward” I also moved forward I mean my dick and started rubbing her ass slowly, suddenly driver applied a sudden break,
I moved forward and pressed my lips in her neck part again, and as I did that someone touched my thigh, thought here came the another problem, but by the touch of the hand on my thigh I felt the heat and the smoothness, I slowly I kept my hand on top of the hand which touched my thigh and moved upwards to find whose hand It was, because it was dark down there hence unable to
See like that and moved slowly and it was very soft I was touching a bare hand, then I took my hand and smelled it, and I kept on my lips and I took some saliva from my lips, and kept on her hand then started to apply my saliva on her bare hand and rubbed it, meanwhile i moved my hand upwards and to my surprise I found it was the same lady police, Then I was totally amazed,
I don’t know what to tell, I just thought that what nice thing I just missed my cab, then I lost all my fear, so I gave a kiss on her neck, and then that lady she touched my hand and she took it to the front and kept it around her hip, My god I was in heaven when I touched her hip but the thing is her shirt is not as soft as her pant, so just kept my hand over her stomach,
Then started to rub it slowly, after that suddenly she moved away my hand, then again I got tensed and got fear, I thought she have changed her mind then, but after ten seconds, again she got hold of my hand and kept in around her hip, This time I noticed that two of her buttons of her shirt from the bottom has been removed, I was very excited then I started to slowly rub her stomach as
I started to do that she also moved her thigh towards me and her thigh was touching mine, I slowly started to rub her thigh with my thigh, Then she is also moving her hand, on my thigh and started to rub, after that she started to rub little hard, then she started to squeeze my thigh, by this time I wanted to do my part so I took my hand under her petticoat, then started to squeeze it, and was massaging it, and slowly
I took my hand to the upper part and started to touch her boobs, was touching that big boobs and touched her armpits and I kept my hands on my lips and kissed it, And this time is spitted on my hand and took more saliva with that I massaged her stomach, meanwhile she slowly started to remove the zip of my pants, I was balancing the bus with my right hand, and the left hand is inside her shirt and inside her petticoat,
I don’t want to take my left hand so took my right hand and caught her hand and tried to hold her hand in order to stop unzipping my pants, but she took my right hand and placed on top of her pants..! So my left hand was inside her petticoat which is squeezing her boobs, and the right hand on her pants, and she was massaging my dick, as she was doing that I slowly moved my right hand down from hip to the her pussy, and started to rub at her pussy,
She was rubbing my dick and I was rubbing her pussy, she was excellent, think she could have did some exercise about keeping her hand at her back for long time… am not sure whether I missed my bus stop or not, but am not worried about to reach my home soon, I really wanted to spend the whole night with that lady, I was keeping my right hand on her pussy, and massaging her,
Then suddenly even without my notice she unzipped my pants and she started to touch my cock with my underwear, I can feel the warm of her hand, she was touching my balls, and moving her hands in and around the place and not even in the position to tell her she is doing good, and I was really impressed with the courage she had, So I want to show her how good am I and how courage’s am I, so I also unzipped her pants and the zip length was small, so
At the first shot my hand did not go fully inside, so I slowly moved my hand inch by inch and then my hand went inside her pants, then I touched her panties, it was wet there, I touched that wet pussy with my hand and thought to take my hand out and to kiss it, then I remembered that the pant zip is small if I take it out it’s not that easy to put it back,
So I just continued touching her pussy, and I was touching a pussy, of an unknown lady, and was touching her boobs, was also rubbing her thighs with mine and I slowly pressed her pussy,
Meanwhile she was massaging my dick, and it already got the pre cum, she took her hand out of my pant zip and she turned her face towards me and kept it on her lips, she did this so that I can seeher that she is licking my pre cum, this made me vey horny, as soon she did that I gave a gentle push on her pussy, and pitched on her boobs, and gave a pinch on her pussy too…
Then she told the conductor, “tell the driver to drive slowly”then I got It that she was telling it to me, then other lady in the bus who is next to her she said “yes , the driver is driving harsh”, and I just laughed,
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