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Hi friends, this is Neeru here again. This is my second post on ISS. I am thankfu

Hi friends, this is Neeru here again. This is my second post on ISS. I am thankful to ISS for making such a wonderful platform for meeting likeminded people. I am 36 years old female with nice body structure. I have a wheatish complexion with a seductive face. I have many things to share about my life, which happened in past and keeps on happening till date. Everyday is a new day with lots of adventure and excitement for my loved ones and me. You can revert to me
After my closeness with Sonu now he got very bold and always looks for opportunity to grab my boobs and butts or kiss. I also used to like his touch over my body. He was a good replacement in the absence of my hubby. He never misses the opportunity even though my hubby was at home. But I need to be very alert. Time passed and one day I was waiting for my hubby to come after 10 days of hectic schedule. But Sonu came in before him and started playing with my body.

He was kneading my boobs over my blouse and was fingering my pussy. Suddenly the bell door bell rang and I adjusted my clothes and went to open the door. That was my hubby. I hugged at the door itself and we went to our bedroom. I immediately took off my clothes since my hubby likes me naked. He also got erection and we had a nice fucking session. That night we had a sex multiple times and later I came to know that I got conceived.

My hubby and I were very happy. He stayed with me for some months and again his touring started. I gave a birth to a child and sonu was feeling deprived of all his needs. But after some time of my motherhood I allowed him suck and play with my breast. He used to like my milk very much and drink it as and when he wants. After some time we again started having sex when my hubby used to be on tours.

After some month’s festival of colors i.e. Holi came. Sonu and I were alone. I was feeling bored so invited my 2 friends that day. They were shalu and archana. We all three are very close friends and used to share everything with each other. Both the ladies were quite horny with nice body. Shalu was unmarried at that time with body structure of 38/28/36 with fair complexion and archana was married with stats of 40/28/38 with wheatish complexion.

Archana was also facing the same problem like mine that her hubby is more focused on his business rather then her. We all met with nice hug and kiss and settled in my bedroom. We shared our experiences with each other. After listening my experience they both got horny and requested me to convince sonu to have some fun them too. Initially I was not convinced with the idea but later I thought and was Ok with it.

Shalu was wearing a body hugging white transparent suite and her bra was clearly visible from inside. Archana was wearing a pink saree with matching blouse and was looking quite sexy. I was also in green suite. We were planning of seducing sonu when suddenly there was a knock at the door. I opened the door and was surprised to see Sonu with his friends totally drenched with colors.

Sonu hugged me said, “Happy Holi, Bhabhi.” He poured color on me and simultaneously squeezed my left breast. I could make out that he was drunk at that time. I called shalu and archana too. Suddenly his 2 friends also came in and hugged me one by one and poured color on me. They went towards shalu and archana too and we all were now full of colors. Archana was bold so she also retaliated

And poured colors on them and I could see there were finger marks on shalu boobs and archana boobs too so that means they tried to press there boobs as well and archana was doing a great job. Even shalu joined her now and later I too and we all took of there shirts and rubbed color all over the skin. Archana hands were rubbing over sonu cock over his barmuda and shalu was doing the same with other too.

They also strike back and suddenly we all six were lip locked and guys were pressing our boobs. I don’t know when things took a turn and Archana went with Sonu to my bedroom and Shalu went with one guy to another bedroom and I was alone with 2nd guy. We both were very hot at that time. He smiled and hugged me tight. He said thanks for being with him. I also hugged him back. We were in each other’s embrace for so long.

Suddenly, I felt something for him. I tightened my hands around his neck and got closer to him. He also pulled me closer. I left a sigh as he pulled me. He broke the hug and looked in my eyes. He then kissed me on my forehead. I didn’t push him back. I closed my eyes. He held my face in his hands and kissed me gently in my lips. I just put my hands around his neck. He got the signal that I wanted him. He threw away all the gentleness and kissed me hard.

He was biting my lips and sucking them hard. He then inserted his tongue in my mouth and explored all the places. His one hand slid down to my waist. He pulled me closer and other hand started fondling my breasts. I kissed him back with equal passion and moaned as he pressed my boob. We continued to kiss for I don’t know how long. He kept on pressing my boobs. I was getting aroused now. He then moved further.

He was caressing my thighs. Then he took my leg and put it around his waist. We were so close to each other but still we wanted to be more close to him. I wrapped my other leg on his waist as well. I held him so tight and kissed him hard. He broke the kiss now and we hugged again. He licked my ear and came down to my boobs licking my neck. He put his palm just above my boobs and pushed me back while his other hand was supporting me from my waist.

My back was arched and I was lying back. He lifted my shirt and touched my skin on my navel. He caressed and kissed me there and licked my belly button. I got aroused by this and got up to kiss him. But he again pushed me back and kept on licking my belly. Meanwhile, he put his one hand on my boobs and started pressing it hard. His other hand was still supporting my back. He was done with licking my belly now.

So he lifted me up and kissed me again. I was feeling great. We broke the kiss and felt his body, His chest, his abs, his back. He is truly a hunk. What a body. I continued feeling his body and kissing on his neck, chest and teasing his nipples. He loved it. He was moaning hard because of my sucking. He then parted me from him and pulled my shirt off my body. I was there in my bra and my salwar He dig his face in my boobs and started sucking it.

Bra was the main problem in sucking my boobs. He unhooked my bra and made my boobs free from that bra. He kept on looking at my milky breasts and looked in my eyes. Then there was no end. He sucked me, licked me, bit me. He was so wild. I was feeling pain, but pleasure took hold on pain and I started enjoying it. I held his head and pulled him closer. He was literally eating me.

I was still sitting around his waist. My legs were wrapped to his waist. I could feel his cock all set beneath my cunt. He caressed my thighs while he ate me. He moved his hands from my knees to my ass. He pressed my ass hard. He then made my legs straight and pulled down my salwar along with the panties. He also pulled down his shorts and made me sit like earlier. My legs wrapped to his waist.

His cock was rock hard. I sat there and he kissed me with all the passion. I kissed him back in ecstasy. He pushed me back making my back arched and moved his hands all over me. As my back was arched, my boobs were standing like mountains. This aroused him more and held my waist n pulled me closer to his cock. I was breathing heavily. He put his hands in my cunt and started to tease my clitoris. I was now moaning and pressing my boobs in ecstasy.

My pussy was hell wet. And he was teasing me. Finally he stopped and stood on his knees. My legs were still wrapped his waist. He made me lie on that sand and pulled my cunt closer to his dick. He put his cock on my love hole opening and pushed it in. I screamed in pain. His dick was so big. He lied on me and kissed me. Within a moment, my pain faded away. He again tried to push it inside.

This time I tried to cover my scream with a loud moan. He pushed it again. He started pushing it more. My pain had now taken over by passion and pleasure. I loved his each stroke inside me. His cock was all inside me now. He moaned in pleasure. I moaned in ecstasy. His strokes were increasing. He was becoming wild. He kept on throbbing me for so long. He lied on me to eat my melons. I kept my hands on his neck. I got up as he did and made him lie down.

I wanted to ride my hunk. He closed his eyes and I started to ride him. Meanwhile I was moving my hands all over his upper body. We fucked for so long. I felt a shivering sensation in my spine and I held his shoulders tightly. I knew I was at my climax. But he was still inside me.
He got up and made me lie down. I guess he was also cumming. He started throbe me hard. He fucked the hell out of me in those last few mins.

Finally he pulled his dick out and spread his semen on my belly. I was exhausted and so was he. We lied there for sometime. It was feeling so nice. For the first time in this whole session we spoke. He said, let’s get dressed. I said, yes, we need to check others. After wearing our respective clothes we went to one room and saw archana and sonu were lying totally naked and exhausted over each other arms.

Sonu felt shameful on seeing me. I left the room and went to shalu room. Shalu and that guy were still on. Shalu was in doggy position and screaming, yes fuck me again my hero, my darling, Fuck me hard. You are lucky that you are getting an unmarried pussy. Pls fill all my holes and after some time they also relaxed. When she saw me she started smiling. We all gathered after some time.

Sonu and his friends left immediately and I, Shalu and archana were left with satisfied faces. They both were very happy and thanked me. We all shared our experience and archana was praising sonu a lot and was saying to me that I am very lucky to have such a hot Dewar. I was feeling good. Around 4 Pm Sonu returned back and was feeling sorry for what all has happened.

I told him to relax and sit with shalu and archana so that I cam arrange for something to eat. I came to the room after 15 minutes and was surprised to see that all three of them were again playing with each other. Shalu was sucking his cock and he was sucking archana nipples. I interrupted and said, hey eat something first and then do what ever you feel like.” They all came into senses.

We had snacks and tea and after that before leaving Shalu and archana again had one round with sonu. Shalu and Sonu even exchanged their contact numbers since they want to meet later on too.
After that shalu and Sonu met number of times sometimes at her home and sometime at our home to enjoy for next six months. After that shalu got married and left the town. Time passed and Sonu and I never used to miss any chance of making love.

One day after having sex we both were lying naked in each other arms when Sonu said, “Bhabhi my friend (same Holi festival guy) Kapil was asking about you. He wants to meet you. I gave a thought to it and said, “What do you suggest? He replied, “Bhabhi you can meet him once.”
I agreed to him as I also had enjoyed a lot with him. We planned for the evening. I was wearing a very sexy sky blue saree with a matching transparent sleeveless blouse with deep cuts.

My cleavage was clearly visible and shape of my bra was giving a wonderful shape to my boobs.
He came at 6 and I arrange for snacks and coffee. We all were sitting in the lounge on the sofa sets talking and chatting about this and that. I was sitting opposite Kapil and occasionally shift my position so that he can take a good look at my exposed areas. He then pointedly asked me that how did I felt about Holi incident.

While getting up to serve snacks, I simply replied that no doubt it was the best Holi I had ever played in my life. We two could understand what we really meant in our statements. While serving I got an opportunity to get in close with Kapil. While serving him, I used to get so close that while pouring any dish in his plate, I could touch his arm with my fingers. I had been waiting to tease him so this time while serving the specially made sweet dish;

I showed him my cleavage by bending a little more than required. He stared at it and gave a smile to me and uttered his thanks softly. I was not sure if the thanks were for the dish or the view. After sometime I asked him if he wanted some more of the sweet dish, for which he said “sure why not, it is looking so good. I knew he was referring to my cleavage by saying that it was looking good.

I also knew what he really wanted was another peep at my boobs. I smiled and served him in the same manner, but this time I purposefully left my side pallu a bit loose and I knew that now he would not only get a good view of the top of my boobs but also a little portion of the top of my bra. This was what I wanted him to see. He passed a very naughty comment, “looks like this sweet dish is made from the supply out of those two attractive milk containers” which only

I could hear. I gave him a meaningful and naughty smile before moving away. After half an hour sonu went out for some work and left both of us alone as he could understand we need some privacy. He came directly to me after closing and locking the main door. I was in the kitchen waiting for him and doing nothing but adjusting the things on the counter. He came from behind and cuddled me and he whispered in my ears that

He was waiting for this opportunity since a long time. Honey I knew that sooner or later you would be with me when we fucked on Holi. I just kept quite and when he hugged me shiver went through my spine. He kissed my ears, licked my earlobes, and then he kissed my neck and my cheeks, all these time his hands were over my bare tummy, playing over my naval. Slowly, his hands moved upwards and he cupped my both boobs and pressed them softly making me give a light moan.

Please, Kapil wait let’s go inside not here please wait wait kapil as he was pressing his body with mine from behind, I could almost feel his dick growing in size in between my buttocks. It was getting bigger and harder and looked like it would come out of his trousers on its own and penetrate into me from behind. He turned me over; I had closed my eyes and was biting my lower lip to control my emotions.

I did not want him to read what was going on in my mind. I turned towards him slowly; he removed my pallu from my shoulder. I was breathing heavily making my chest go up and down with every breadth I took. I slowly opened my eyes to see he was looking at me. “How beautiful you are Bhabhi”. Saying this he started kissing me on my lips. The very touch of his lips over mine set my whole body on fire.

He had started sucking my lips and tongue. I was getting high and horny. I also started supporting his kiss and started inserting my tongue in his mouth exploring inside his. We now tasted each other’s saliva. We remained locked like that for several minutes and got separated only to regain our breadth. Having now fully sexually aroused, I wanted to take him now, as I was unable to control myself.

But he was in no hurry. He then started kissing my neck and top of my boobs, while I was removing his shirt buttons, and he was opening the hooks of my blouse and removing it from my body. Dropping my blouse on the floor, he carried me to my bedroom holding me in his strong arms. Inside the room, we both sat on the bed on which I had always been fucked by my hubby and Sonu. As he was opening the hook of my bra and removes the straps,

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