mercredi 27 juillet 2011

She came very near me and pulled the pencil out of my hands.

She came very near me and pulled the pencil out of my hands. I was startled and got up. But she pulled me down and whispered if you shout or make noise she would call police and tell I was trying to rape her. Then having pacified my she started her work. Slowly she passed her hands around my strong stiff abs and started admiring them. That’s when I removed my t shirt and started looking at her eye to eye. Then slowly I started moving towards her and started licking her sexy lips. I liked them so much that I nearly bit them. She too started caressing my abs and led her hand towards my now strong ready tool.

Then I started kissing around her neck. Licking her neck gave me unknown pleasure. Slowly I moved my tongue inside her blouse. Then I pulled out her bra with my tongue and started licking it vigorously. She started to moaning. Then, I went to the other side and again pulled her bra strap. She was now moaning more. I was continuously licking her whole neck. Slowly I started passing my hands over her balls. Initially she hit me. But on constant persisting she gave in. I started pressing her pink blouse. I could feel her stiff Bra covering her pleasant shaped balls. I kept pressing each of them turn by turn. Simultaneously enjoying her juicy lips. Then, I dared and started removing her blouse buttons. Each button I remove I kissed the exposed parts. All the while pressing her balls. The last button struck. I tried my best I couldn’t then she adjusted herself and removed the last button. Now My both hand pulled her balls and I started sucking them. Quickly I started tasting the most tasty milk and from the most entertaining package. I was sucking, sucking and sucking. It was the firmest perky nipple I was sucking. Slowly my hands searched for the nada of her petticoat and pulled she was half naked and pulling out her petticoat she was just wearing a light pink transparent panty. I slowly started putting my hands under her panty and started feeling her grassy moist pitch. I started rotating my fingers around her wet cunt and she was moaning. I started rubbing my tool around her cunt. Slowly She pushed my pants and underwear and started pulling my tool towards her cunt. Then I gave her few shots. And rested for sometime then again I would give her few shots…
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