lundi 5 septembre 2011

Best Buddy Is Now Sex Goddess

"She slides her hand back and forth a little as she holds it. I’m looking at her face as she grins; looking down at the cock she’s holding. She’s beautiful with dark curly hair little wavy and with green eyes. Maybe green, there are flecks of some other color in there. She’s almost against me. One of those really great tits is actually touching my arm. I don’t know what to do so I put my hands on her waist and she actually steps closer.

We’re at a slight angle and her tit is really against me now. I look at her lips. She’s talking and the shape of her lips as her mouth is open looks just like lips I’ve seen around a guy’s cock. What am I thinking, this is Nelofar? Then what she’s saying finally gets through to me. “The skin moves she says. It’s big and solid and stiff, isn’t it she asks. Then she looks at me. Have you ever, uh, you know, uh fucked anyone?

Having this beautiful, sexy girl standing against me holding my cock and stroking it back and forth is almost more than my mind can handle and all I can do is give an honest, simple answer. No, I say. Me neither,” she says, looking up at me again after grinning at my cock that she’s pumping. “Do you ever want to or think about it? Yeah, almost all the time I say. “I go on the internet and look at people having sex and read stuff a lot.

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